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We shoot shows.

       We photograph performances.  

We capture your music.​

Music For Your Eyes

We at are musicians ourselves. We understand what goes into performing live, what needs to be captured and that the feeling conveyed in the images need to match the feeling of the music presented.

We have photographed many musicians and performers -- each with their own unique style.  In the end, it's the image that will forever be associated with that certain performance and sound.  It's our job to make sure that image pops with the feel of every bass note; every guitar chord; every stomp of the kick; and every searing vocal.

From gritty rehearsal sessions, to intimate bars; from outdoor benefits, to concert halls, we have the experience and artistic eye to visually capture your sound, aura, and personality.

Larry Star founder of, is a seasoned veteran in the photographic community. In addition to photography, Larry is an artist, author, former radio talk-show host -- and performing musician.

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